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Nutrition can be a mysterious, confusing, and even controversial topic. 

That's why owning the Eat4Earth interviews is so valuable.

Many of us who are eating "healthy" are still failing to truly thrive. 

But Eat4Earth helps reveal some of the reasons why ... and what you can do to turn things around for yourself, the people around you, and the entire planet.

Now you can have essential information at your fingertips to empower yourself through better mineral nutrition, optimal detoxification, microbiome and gut health, cancer and heart disease prevention, metabolic balance, disease-fighting and planet-healing foods, and much more.

But this is not just about food and health ... This is a Movement.

And this movement needs you as an informed and empowered consumer that seeks "regenerative" food whenever possible as it becomes available, who knows how to share the good news with others, and who perhaps even grows regenerative food.

Make no mistake ... this is the time for each of us to get informed, inspired, and empowered to achieve our best health, to be our best selves, and to fulfill our purpose.

For that to happen, you need to know how to  ...

  1. Stop being undermined by nutrient-empoverished food
  2. Stop toxins from draining your energy and shortening your life
  3. Safely and efficiently detoxify your body
  4. Protect yourself from glyphosate, GMOs, cancer, and most degenerative diseases
  5. Heal your gut and microbiome
  6. Individualize your own metabolically optimal diet
  7. Choose foods grown in ways that help stop the destruction of our planet 

This is a unique and pivotal moment in history when your most personal self-interest (optimum health) can be fully aligned with the biggest difference you can make for your loved ones and your planet -- through food choices that restore our bodies, our soils, and even our souls.

Support yourself, your world, and our mission to grow the movement for regenerative food by owning lifetime access.

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  • Lifetime Online Access to 42 Event Interviews
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​Imagine Having the Most Vital Information for Your Health and the Planet Available Whenever You Want

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You'll have convenient access to specific, practical, and inspiring information like ...

  • How healthy soil and biodiversity form the deepest roots of human and planetary health
  • Key discoveries for a healthy gut, a high-performance brain, and a high-energy metabolism
  • The essentials for avoiding cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and premature aging
  • Advanced strategies for safely and effectively detoxifying your body
  • How to multiply the nutritional,power of food by up to 10X
  • A way of eating for high energy, better sleep, an end to food cravings, and a longer life
  • The exciting potential potential of regenerative agriculture to rescue our oceans and our planet

You'll love watching, listening to, and reading these interviews and presentations anywhere and any time ... on your mobile devices or your computers ... while you’re driving, gardening, walking, or doing dishes.

Upgrade Package owners tell us that owning this inspiring and life-changing information enables them to fully absorb it and learn and benefit so much more, all because they can watch, listen, and read every word of the transcripts anytime to upgrade their health, and also help others.

Invest in your health and our collective future with the Upgrade Package, and enjoy Lifetime Access to the entire experience, with all 42 Expert Interviews from the event, 10 Bonus Interviews, plus downloadable Transcripts and Audio files, and valuable Free Bonuses

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So if you're concerned about the state of our food, our health, our world, and our children's future ...


The #1 single biggest cause of fatigue, brain fog, digestive and mood disorders, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and even obesity isn’t genetics or bad luck.

It’s our food and our food system.

Even organic food in many cases is falling short of its potential to deliver nutrient-rich, planet-safe food.

And with so much controversy about optimal diet, most people are left wondering what the heck to eat.

So what should you do?

Beyond all the controversy, dietary agendas, and propaganda, the science is actually becoming increasingly clear.

Do you know what it tells us?

It tells us that the optimal diet for your body and the planet is not as rigidly-defined and inflexible as many educators currently believe.

​While there are key health discoveries that apply to everyone, being aware of biochemical and metabolic individuality can make a life or death difference, too.

Did you know there are 12 research-validated diets for different types of cancer and different types of metabolisms?

Science is also revealing that the ultimate solution for human and planetary health is right under our feet ... in our soil. And understanding soil is part of understanding nutrition.

Knowing how soil controls your health and the health of the entire planet is arguably the most inspiring and important focus of all generations alive today.

Would you ever have imagined that your food could literally help save the world, and be 10X as nutritious, without restricting you to a specific type of diet? 

This is both urgent and exciting! 

The Eat4Earth Upgrade Package helps you discover a new level of purpose and inspiration in your food choices as you take back control of your health, your life, and our future on Earth!

Here’s Everything You Get in
the Platinum Upgrade Package

Lifetime Online Access to All 42 Event Interviews and Presentations – Video and audio formats. See below for all of the speakers.

10 Bonus Interviews & Candid Conversations – 7+ Full-Length Bonus Interviews plus 3 Extended Conversations. These are some of the best conversations!

Downloadable Audio Files (mp3) – So that you can listen while you’re driving, gardening, walking, or doing dishes.

​​Transcripts​​– To help you better learn and reference the information.

Speaker Bonuses – Like product discounts from Naturally Noble so that you can grow plants with up to 22x the mineral content for food as super medicine!

Feeling of Satisfaction by Making a Difference with your contribution to helping support our mission and grow the movement.

42 Empowering Interviews from the Event 
(All Packages)

Day 1: A New Paradigm of Health

Zach Bush, MD

Heal Your Gut and Mitochondria with Ancient Soil

​Dave Asprey​

​Food, Kryptonite, Performance, and the Survival of Humanity​

​David Wolfe​​

​Forest Superfoods That Heal Your Body and the Planet​​

​Alexis Baden-Myer​​​

​Regenerative Agriculture to Reverse Climate Change

​Elaine Ingham, PhD​​​

​Unlimited Mineral Nutrition and the Climate Change Solution

Day 2: Our Oceans in Peril & the Food Solution

​Reese Halter, PhD

​Shocking News About Our Oceans That We Cannot Afford to Ignore

​Walter Jehne​​

​The Real Cause of Climate Change, the True Cure, and a 9X Increase of Food’s Nutrient-Density

​John Roulac

​Why Oceans are the #1 Issue of Our Time, and Healing Our Oceans with Regenerative Agriculture

​Eric Toensmeier

​Food Solutions to Climate Change from Project Drawdown​​

​Graeme Sait​​​

​Minerals, Microbes, and Reversing Climate Change in a Golden Era for Food

Day 3: Conquering the Plague of Cancer

​Robyn O’Brien

​GMOs, Allergies, Cancer, Our Children, and the Great Threat to Our Economy

​Veronique Desaulniers​​​

​Cancer Myths, Nutritional Deficiencies, and 7 Steps to Conquer Cancer

​Manuela Boyle, PhD, NMD​​

​Minerals, Metals, and Different Diets for Different Cancers

​Linda Isaacs, MD

​Pancreatic Enzymes as Cancer Surveillance & Metabolic Individuality for Anti-Cancer Diets

​Cherie Calbom

​Extraordinary Stories of Healing with Juicing, Souping, and the Anti-Cancer Nutrients in Plants

Day 4: Ketogenic Eating & Lifestyle Strategies

​Joseph Mercola, DO​

​Fat for Fuel: Live Long and Healthy with Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy​

​Mark Sisson​

​End Food Cravings & Skyrocket Your Energy: The Ketogenic Reset and Metabolic Flexibility

​Drew Manning​​

​The Emotional Journey of 6 Months to Fat and 30 Days to Fit

​Greg D. Wells, PhD

​The Ripple Effect: Lifestyle, Success, and High Performance

​Erin Elizabeth

​You Can Be Stronger, Healthier, and Happier … and Together We Are Unstoppable

Day 5: Detox & Re-Mineralize Your Body

​Alex Charfen​

​Food, Water, Toxins, Your Brain, and Your Success in Life

​Joseph Pizzorno, ND​

​The Toxin Solution: Essential Keys to Safe and Complete Detoxification​

​Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC

​Minerals, Heavy Metals, and Advanced Detox Strategies and Technology​​

​Dan Kittredge

​Minerals, Spiritual Attainment, and a Technology to Measure the Nutrients in Your Food

​Robert Van Risseghem

​Minerals That Heal & How to Increase Food’s Mineral Content 10X

Day 6: Finding the Right Diet for Your Body & the Earth

​Caldwell Esselstyn, MD​

​Reversing Heart Disease with a Plant-Based Diet​

​Michelle Norris​

​Calling All Real Food Movements to Come Together for the Earth​

​Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT

​Slow Aging, Super Power Your Brain, and Save Your Life: Your Primal Fat-Burning Blueprint

​Diana Rodgers, RD, LDN​​​​​

​Kale vs. Cow: The Case for Healthy, Sustainable, and Ethical Meat

​Sarah Wu​​​

​Planetary Herbalism and Finding Your Perfect Diet

Day 7: Regenerative Food Systems

​Victoriah Keziah​

​Biomimicry, Healing the World’s Grasslands, and Reversing Climate Change with Holistic Management

​Allen Williams, PhD​

​Cows from CAFOs vs. Cows That Reverse Climate Change​

​Colin Seis​​

​Regenerating Grasslands with Livestock, Grains, and Cover Crops

​Peter Byck

​Cow Curious, The Hunt for Carbon Cowboys, and a Possible Redemption of McDonalds

​Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin

​Transforming Agriculture and Food’s Nutrient Density with “Tree Range” Chicken

Day 8: Earn a Living Healing the Earth

​Elizabeth Kaiser​

​6X Veggie Harvests, 4X Soil Organic Matter, and $105,000 per Acre with No-Till Farming

​Erik Ohlsen​

7-Figure Regenerative Edible Landscaping Business

Stephen Brooks

A Passion for Plants: The Perennial Diet

​John Kohler​​​

​Grow and Eat “Beyond Organic” Raw Plant Foods

​Jeffrey M. Smith​​​

​Newly Discovered Ways GMOs Can Harm You

Plus 10 Deep Dive Bonus Conversations (Platinum Package Only)

Zach Bush, MD: One of the top favorites of this event. Get an extra interview with him!

Prepare to have your mind blown … again! Discover how your cells can “transmute” elements, how your microbiome makes you fat or keeps you thin, a surprising prediction about future phytonutrient research, and more.

​Joseph Pizzorno, ND: ​The detoxification expert with over 40 years of experience.

Protect and empower yourself​ with more vital information about toxins like cadmium, nutrients like Vitamin K2, and genetic differences in our individual capabilities to utilize nutrients and eliminate toxins.

​​Robert Van Risseghem:​​ More ground-breaking news about mineral nutrition you won’t hear anywhere else.

​​​You can’t unlearn this stuff... ​In this very candid conversation, Robert shares more about what’s happening to our minerals and how we can get them back in our food to thrive like never before.

Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT: A second interview with Nora to access more of her wisdom from 25 years of clinical practice with clients.

Whether you eat animals or not… It’s vital to learn as much as you can about things like the roles and relationships of fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT: A third interview (second bonus interview) with Nora to access even more of her wisdom from 25 years of clinical practice with clients.

Whether you eat animals or not… It’s vital to learn as much as you can about things like the roles and relationships of fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.

​​​​Walter Jehne: ​The jovial Australian with the best news ever that gives us power to transform the health of our planet and our bodies.

​​​​​This time it’s about your nutrition… ​Walter explains how toxins are getting into your body from de-vitalized soil, and the simple solution that enables soil to grow healthy food again.

​​​​​John Kohler: ​The ambassador of “green” and advocate of raw plant foods.

​​​​​​Get practical guidance on juicers... John guides you through the pros and cons of several types of juicers as well as how to create your own vacuum-sealed blender so that blended foods retain their nutrients much longer.

​​​​​​Joseph Mercola, DO: ​​The legendary health educator.

​​​​​​​Discover Dr. Mercola’s favorite tips and advice... Including his stern warnings about a certain type of food in restaurants and taking too much of the wrong type of antioxidants.

​​​​​​​Graeme Sait: ​​​The health, gardening, and farming master from down under.

​​​​​​​​Drink again from the fire hose of information… ​​​​Graeme fires off more insights, and an interesting story about his conversation with blockbuster filmmaker James Cameron.

​​​​​​​​Eric Toensmeier: ​​​​Representing Project Drawdown.

​​​​​​​​​Learn more about food solution “coming attractions”… ​​​​​Eric and I discussed some of the leading-edge food-based solutions to climate change that may prove to be the most powerful available once we have enough data.

And Valuable Bonuses From Our Speakers
(Platinum Package Only)

​​​​​​​​​25% Off Unlimited Purchases through December 31st, 2018

​​​​​​​​​​Maximize the nutritional and healing power of your food. ​​​​​​This bonus alone could pay for your Empowerment Package.

“Low-Risk, High-Reward Elimination Diet" from Alex Charfen to help you figure out what foods might not be agreeing with you so that you can stop being dragged down by food sensitivities.

​​​​​​​​​​​The first (and often-overlooked) step in optimizing your diet. ​​​​​​​Elimination diets can help you identify food sensitivities you may not even realize that you have. This diet is the basis of one of the modules in a course Alex teaches to his entrepreneurial students in order to maximize their performance in work and life. Alex feels that this is the best elimination diet around and gives it a value of $200 as it is part of a key part of a course that costs many hundreds of dollars.

$30 Discount on Juicers from John Kohlner's to help you get a high-quality, long-lasting, nutrient-preserving juicer.

​​​​​​​​​​​The quality of your juice has a lot to do with the quality of your juicer. That's why John stocks only high-quality juicers. As he explains in the bonus interview, many juicers "oxidize" many of the nutrients by exposing them to excess oxygen and heat during the juicing process. 

Watch Genetic Roulette for free to learn more about the history and science behind genetically modified food organisms and the threat they post to your body and the planet.

You can also share this with the people you care about. Too few people realize what GMOs are doing to their bodies. Be the one that shares this valuable resource with them.

Get Convenient Planet-Friendly Access

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Tap More of Your Full Potential

There's nothing like having all-day energy and mental clarity. And when that's not the case ... everything in your life suffers. Your income, your relationships, your happiness. 

Science has revealed that we each have untapped genetic potential that only food can unlock. Eat like your dream life depends on it because it does.

Make Your Biggest Difference

Your impact on the world ultimately depends on your health, and the health of those around you. 

Now you have access to essential health information to help build your legacy every day.

And whether or not you have children, chances are people are depending on you to thrive at your very best. Don't let your health fail them.

​Discover New Gems Again and Again

Imagine soaking up this wisdom in the kitchen, car, living room, while exercising — any time or place you like.

Each time you listen, you'll get re-inspired, discover new gems, and get healthier.

Then imagine being able to share it all with your partner, children, friends, and loved ones. 


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Physical Access to 42 Interviews + 10 Bonus Interviews, Transcripts, MP3s, Bonuses from Speakers Including Product Discounts




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“I’m going to learn a lot watching this. This is going to be incredible.”

~ David Wolfe, Iconic Health Educator, Best-Selling Author, Organic Farmer.

“You asked me some of the best questions of anybody who has interviewed me, and I’ve probably done 100 interviews in the last year with the launch of my book. And I thought that your questions were just really, really thoughtful. So I like the quality of thinking.”

~ Joseph Pizzorno, ND. Founder of Bastyr University, author of The Toxin Solution

“You have come up with the most impressive list of questions so thank you. I’ve been doing podcasts with people for almost three years, and nobody has come up with that well thought-out of an outline, so you’re brilliant obviously and also have really taken your time to put together a great program. So I’m excited for this.”

~ Zach Bush, MD. Triple Board-Certified Physician, Medical Researcher, CEO of Restore4Life

“Wow, you are very well-informed ... given your really intense depth of knowledge on the subject ... I am so honored to be part of this. Goodness, you're definitely the right person to do this.”

~ Alexis Baden-Myer, Esq. Political Director for Organic Consumers Association

Viewer Reviews

“I have watched many webinars this long Vermont winter, taking notes on all.This one of yours stands out way beyond all the others. The caliber of the people you’ve chosen, the questions you’ve asked, the thoughtful summaries you’ve offered are so helpful to us pollinators, who want to pass it all on with clarity and precision.” ~ ME (by email)

“I listen to A LOT of summits and online events and I just want to say that you are the most engaged, well read, and caring interviewer I have ever heard. Wonderful, wonderful work. Listening to this event has changed the course of my own nutritional studies.” ~ LF (by email)

“Thank you for this fabulous summit! In case I haven’t said it already: this is one of the best summits I’ve ever heard!” ~ MI (by email)

“For several years we have been trying to pull together the parts of growing superior organic food, and it just hasn’t clicked. Some of our garden produce tastes better sometimes, but when we took Brix readings on crops they have remained at best just “average” to barely “good.” Listening to Eat4Earth something clicked. Now I am understanding what I apparently need to do in order to pull it all together and grow great food. I’m energized and I have a restored sense of mission, which had been flagging as we spent so much of our time simply trying to fend off crop pests that often swarmed out of the surrounding corn fields.” ~ DS (by email)

“Thank you for your work. I appreciate your excellent interviewing skills. It is an art, and you do well to bring out your speakers without interfering, only adding.” ~ BH (by email)

"I am so grateful to you for putting this excellent webinar together. My husband has gotten so inspired and motivated with information and ideas! For several years we have been “mega-gardening” with the annual goal of growing enough organic produce to live on for the year. Even though it was a former dairy farm, the soil is now in desperate need of help, and nothing we have done so far has been enough. AND we are absolutely surrounded by chemical agriculture on land leased out to non-resident farmers. This system has totally disrupted the natural order of things. Insect invasion is out of control and last year we were hit with chemical drift from a neighboring farm, doing thousands of dollars worth of damage to our fruit shrubs and trees.  Seeing others be successful in your webinar is just the encouragement we needed." ~ JS (by email)


Online Access to 42 Interviews + 10 Bonus Interviews, Transcripts, MP3s, Bonuses from Speakers Including Product Discounts





Physical Access to 42 Interviews + 10 Bonus Interviews, Transcripts, MP3s, Bonuses from Speakers Including Product Discounts




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