Maximize Mineral Nutrition with Naturally Noble

Robert Van Risseghem is the founder of Naturally Noble and was one of the speakers in the Eat4Earth event. Recently, he sat down with me for a conversation in his hotel room and shared some eye-opening, possibility-expanding information about plant nutrition. The low level of light in the room and a dead battery in one of the lapel mics resulted in a low-resolution video and the need to share a mic, so please forgive that and enjoy the information! 

This conversation is presented in celebration of the extraordinary work of organizations that are helping to regenerate our food supply and our planet, including Robert’s company Naturally NobleBioNutrient Food AssociationThe Grow Network,  RhizoterraGrow Your Own Vegetables, and others.  

Here is some of what we cover in this conversation: 

  • The shocking difference between the maximum mineral “uptake” potential of various vegetables versus what we get in store-bought food

  • How lettuce could provide 100% of the RDA of 4 key minerals in just 0.5 pound (or less), instead of 33-76 pounds of average store-bought lettuce 

  • A large government database that helps you connect your symptoms with possible mineral deficiencies and vegetables naturally high in various minerals

  • How to use a simple device to assess the nutrient density of your food

  • How to calculate how much of a food you must eat to obtain a certain quantity of a mineral

  • How to design a simple hybrid soil / hydroponic growing system to maximize the nutrient density food you grow

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